Real Estate Advisory Services

Michael E. Holenstein, mai, cta, scgrea     Robert L. Holenstein, mai, rm, scgrea*     David G. Glaser, mai, scgrea*

*Consultants to the Firm

Holzhauer & Holenstein practices Real Estate Appraisal and performs Consulting Services. Essential focus has been the valuation of partial interests, real property rights, tangible and intangible property interests, condemnation, tax appeals, general fee work, and a variety of consulting services including acquisition and development, feasibility, financing, estate management, partnership interests, partial interests, evaluation for creation of trusts, and discounting of partial interests in connection with tax reporting. Our work has satisfied a variety of functions including matrimonial, probate, tax appeal (State & Federal, income & property), condemnation, contamination, diverse ancillary legal proceedings, financing requirements, and general asset valuation.